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Marketing, Advertising, and Sales

Businesses are constantly in battle for that extra customer, that extra sale, and ultimately that extra dollar. Marketing creates an image for your brand and creates value for your products and services. Advertising ensures your customers are educated and aware of your products and services. Sales involves that one on one, face to face, customer interaction that closes the sale for your business. OutSource Staffing can give you the excellent frontline support.

Outsource Staffing fills positions varying from

– Marketing Consultants
– Marketing Analysts
– Marketing Assistants
– Marketing Management
– Marketing Directors
– Public Relations Representative
– Event Coordinator

– Sales Management
– Sales Professionals
– Customer Service Associates
– Customer Service Consultants
– Call Center Operators
– Call Center Management

– Advertising Coordinators
– Advertising Management
– Advertising Representative
– Public Relations Representative
– Event Coordinator.

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